Saturday, May 20, 2017

The local Dallas opposition

The title is "The Day They Took Old Dixie Down."

The author, Rod Dreher, was formerly an editor at the Dallas Morning News.

Dreher is currently asking Christians to withdraw from American life and live in separatist communities. Jim Schutze has this article about Dreher and his "Benedict Option."

He is giving up on America because of same-sex marriage. Being a separatist it is perhaps not surprising that he wants to see monuments to Confederate separatists remain.

The American Conservative is published by the American Ideas Institute. I recognize many authors from those that write for Chronicles magazine published by the Rockford Institute.

And persons who wrote for Southern Partisan magazine.

The chairman of the board is Allison Wicks. He publishes D Magazine, the monthly magazine of Dallas, Texas.

In New Orleans the real power supporting the Confederate monuments was the rich. However, Mitch Landrieu was willing to call them out by name. Using front groups wasn't going to work as a vehicle to allow rich white people to defend Confederate monuments without being associated with the Confederacy. Frank Stewart was outed as a defender of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans and was very unhappy about it. This is my blog on it.

So I think we can expect in Dallas various front groups to defend the Robert E. Lee monument and they will be backed by various rich white factions. They will probably have African American spokespersons.

The New Orleans take down of the Robert E. Lee monument is a great example for the nation and I think locally in Dallas it will inspire people to work to take down the Robert E. Lee monument in Dallas, Texas.

However, we should expect that we will face much more than the opposition of American Conservative magazine, we will face powerful white elites and we will face a phalanx of African American apologists for the Robert E. Lee monument.

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